What People Say About Gnostic Gnostrils

“Reading a Gnostic Gnostril is like sex with yourself! Jordan Krall’s codexes are truly a personalized experience. The joining of the reader’s requested themes and Jordan’s sharp prose, fun art and wild personality creates a short, yet intense, coitus. He can really get into the reader’s head and show them what they want to see.”Joseph Bouthiette, Jr., recipient of Codex #2 ‘TOES OF THE MARIONETTE’

“I ordered a personalized book and You Tube reading from the one and only Mr. Krall. Best present I ever treated myself to. The book is adorned in artwork on the back, front cover, and throughout the book. The book has poems, freelance associations, and a killer storyline. His imagination and writing style cannot be duplicated, and I have re-read my book at least 8 times, and I still want MORE. I am getting together with some friends tonight and because this book is so cool, I am going to do a book reading. Just need to make my mask and let the festivities begin!”Kathleen O, recipient of Codex #5 ‘CLUB 696’


One Response to What People Say About Gnostic Gnostrils

  1. Mike Nau says:

    Mr. Krall has an intuitive sense of just what the reader either needs or wants, at least, that’s what happened in my case. The intricate interpolation of themes and ideas at such a subtle level was exhilarating for me. Combine that with the artwork and the personal touch of a handwritten codice makes this an absolute treasure to own!

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