How to Get One

If interested, please send $23 via Paypal to gorshinary (at) juno (dot) (com)

Add $7.00 if you’d like your book read to you via You Tube.

Be sure to include your up-to-date address as well as the 5 THINGS you’d like me to incorporate into your book.


7 Responses to How to Get One

  1. Ellen Marie Harden says:

    Jordan, I would love to have one made, I have to keep it sorta clean, I have grandchildren that come over and, enjoy checking my books out. BIZARRO BOOKS are hid from them lol!! I would love to share this with them 😉 I will pay tomorrow on pay pal
    Love you and, keep up the great work !!!

    • Ellen, thanks! And don’t worry, I can keep it as clean as you’d like. Actually, the one I’m doing now for someone is going to be clean as well (though very weird of course). Just make sure when you order that you tell me the 5 things you’d like me to include. : )

  2. merZbau says:

    hey Jordan
    instead of 1 book with 5 themes would you be willing to do 5 books with 1 theme each?

  3. merZbau says:

    sent…sometimes paypal hates me so lemme know if there’s a problem

  4. Thanks, man! I appreciate it. It may take me a while to get to all these but they will be spectacular!

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