Handmade art, writing, thoughts-turned-flesh-turned-paper-and-objects.


AH-01 ‘Revelations of the Burro’

AH-01 ‘Revelations of the Burro’ by Jordan Krall. / Small hardcover journal (5inches x 7inches) that was discovered in a cave by Jordan Krall and translated by him. Okay, not really but…that’s the story we’ve been told to stick to. Cryptic gospels for disciples of the Apocalypse Donkey. None of this material will ever be reprinted. A unique item for the curious. / Elvis hardcover journal / 98 pages / Pen ink / $15.00 (includes shipping in the U.S.)  SOLD OUT


AH-02 ‘Bliv’

AH-02 ‘BLIV’ by Josh Myers Cryptic texts and long forgotten passages gathered and assembled by hand in into a prayerbook for your considered enjoyment, to cheer a fainting mind and keep you company during the lonely time. / handmade chapbook / 10 pages / typewritten on vintage paper with painted front and back covers / Limited to 10 unique copies / $10.00 (includes shipping in the US) 


AH-03 ‘Idolache’

AH-03 ‘IDOLACHE’ by Jordan Krall. A 2-sided cardboard art piece drawn and colored (black/red). Approx size: 12×18 inches. Inspired by his son’s upcoming surgery, this is a surreal meditation piece. All proceeds of the sale go to his son. With purchase, you will also receive an exclusive Gnostic Gnostril codex “Jonah and the Whale of Golgotha”.  / Cardboard artpiece / 2-sided / black & red markers / Limited to 1 copy / $49 (includes shipping in the US)  SOLD OUT


AH-04 ‘Mystery Box of Astral Hell’

AH-04 ‘Mystery Box of Astral Hell’ by Jordan Krall and Adam Apocalypse.  Limited edition of 10 ‘mystery’ boxes with an original Gnostic Gnostril codex by Adam Apocalypse,
23 photos of Astral Hell and Rehabilitation, an original art piece by Jordan Krall constructed out of Universal monster toy parts, Tarot cards and found objects, a plastic bag of astral creepiness, and MORE. $30 in the US. SOLD OUT



 AH-05 ‘ASTRAL MANTRAS’ A mantra recording for you and for me. I recite your first name for thirty minutes as a mantra for apocalyptic meditation. No overdubs, no looping. This serves as meditative therapy for me as well as for you. What will your name transform into when being forced into both our minds? / CD-R with handmade art / $7 (includes postage in the US)



AH-06 ‘ASTRAL MANTRAS II (Box Set)’ Similar to the previous release except that I devote one disc to your first name, one to your last name, and (if applicable) one to your middle name. Then, another disc devoted to your full name. An astral meditation of apocalyptic proportions! / 4-disc CD-R set with handmade art / $25 (includes postage in the US)


AH-07 ‘Happy Apocalypse Fun Time USA!’ DVD-R

AH-07 ‘Happy Apocalypse Fun Time USA!’ DVD-R Adam Apocalypse and Armageddon Artie together with Jordan Krall and Josh Myers in a seedy motel room act as heralds of the Apocalypse! Bizarre imagery, madcap idiocy, and meditative shots combine with a noise/electronic soundtrack by Jordan Krall. For Mature Viewers only. Approximately 25 minutes. DVD-R in case with artwork as shown. Insert with text included. First five copies come with ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK with bonus tracks. / Limited to 20 copies / $20 ppd (in the US) Paypal as “personal” payment to /SOLD OUT 


‘Codex of Sick Room Needs Volume 1’  MP3 Download or CD-R

AH-08 ASTRAL HOSPITAL DIAGNOSTICS ‘Codex of Sick Room Needs’ MP3 Download / Harsh noise/power electronics from Jordan Krall. Compiles and reworks various material from old projects as well as new recordings. This will burst your eardrums in the most Astral way. Over an hour’s worth of ear-splitting mayhem. This is meant to be played LOUD. Krall has been working in the experimental/noise genre for over 15 years. He’s no stranger to headache-inducing music. $6 (includes the mp3s plus a PDF of text and jpegs) Paypal: (send as personal payment, please).
NOTE: A CD-R version is available for $12. ppd in the US.


AH-9 “ASTRAL CHRIST (My Vision of the Christ in Turkey)”






4 Responses to ASTRAL HOSPITAL

  1. merZbau says:

    dammit! i can’t believe i missed out on Revelations of the Burro

  2. merZbau says:

    how flexible are you on the recorded content for the ASTRAL MANTRAS II (Box Set)? i have an idea for something that might be kinda cool…

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