About the Books

My name is Jordan Krall. I’m an author whose books have been published by Eraserhead Press, Black Rainbows Press, Bucket O’ Guts Press, and Copeland Valley Press.

I am making available a very strange, personal, creepy, and obsessional book in the form of a 16-page hardcover codex created by me: handwritten, hand drawn, and with you in mind. It will be personalized and there will only ever be ONE copy of the book which YOU will own. I will never reprint the stories inside. Upon ordering, you get to suggest 5 things to me (people, places, objects, names, themes, etc) and I will include them in the book. The rest you leave up to my creative whim. All books are created during intense bouts of isolation and/or meditation and mania.

All of the books will be photographed by me and archived but again, you will own the ONLY copy.


One Response to About the Books

  1. That would look sick on my book shelves.
    I have read a few of your books and shorts.
    we are friends on goodreads as well.
    Email me back.

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