Custom Books by Jordan Krall and Gnostic Gnostrils

Personalized Books by Yours Truly!

You can now order a custom made, handwritten 16-page hardcover book (approx size 10.8 inches by 6.5.. about the size of a children’s book) all written and drawn by me, Jordan Krall.

Each book will be a collection of related fiction, prose poetry, and drawings. Each will be unique… meaning that YOU will have the only copy in existence. None of it will ever be republished. Also, each copy will be guaranteed to have been created after an intense bout of extreme isolation and/or meditation.

You may suggest up to 5 things you’d like me to incorporate in the book. This could consist of names, items, or themes.

If interested, please send $23 via Paypal to gorshinary (at) juno (dot) (com)

If you’d like the book read to you via You Tube, please add $7.00

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